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Research And Implement Of Key Technology In Real-Time Main Memory Database

Posted on:2007-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B XueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360212965621Subject:Computer application technology
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Along with the broad computer applications in all field of the world, traditional database can not fulfill some unconventional and time-pivotal requirements,. Therefore, integrating database with real-time system,Real-Time Database appears which can meet correct and time requirements in data management.Going with the rapid evolution in semiconductor technics,the capacity of memory is bifgger and bigger.Main-Memory Database which puts data in memory to accelerate accessing speed is used to serve as the underground implement for Real-Time Database more generally.Because of real time restrict and differences between memory and disk storage speciality,there are also many distinctions in design and realization between traditional database and Real-Time Main Memory Database.This paper mainly researches on three key techniques including space manangement, loading and synchronization, concurrence control.After giving application in telecom system,we do performance testing on index, synchronization and transaction,and besides, comparing and analyzing the testing result.In space management ,this paper first concludes three kinds of core objects, introducing framework architecture based on object.And it performs and optimizes the actualize for some kinds of indexes.After dividing two layers for record manipulation,a memory distributing technique with feedback mechanism using memory pool is designed.In loading and synchronization,this paper chooses a buffer-queue added thread pool to enhance performance.For start-up loading,it uses a grading method based on relation and primary key.For instant loading,data integrity is considered.For synchronization between memory and physical database,the synchronization module and manipulation flow is pointed out,which assures the consistent property of data.In concurrence control,this paper describes rules in conflict, choosing and submission process for speculative currency control.At last,a serial executing model for short transaction and a dynamic multi-layer lock is designed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real-Time Database, Main Memory Database, index, synchronization, concurrence
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