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The Study Of Intelligent CRM System Based On ASP (Application Service Provider) Mode

Posted on:2006-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182976241Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In present fierce market competition, CRM system has become an importantmethod for small or medium sized enterprises to hence their competition. Whereastraditional CRM system, which can be obtained from current domestic or overseasmarket, needs large investment and long period, if enterprises want to work on it bythemselves, they have to face lager investment risk, which they could not bear.ASP(Application Service Provider) mode is a kind of new software package servicemode with the development of information technology. It provides consumerssoftware platform by renting to them the public IT service platform, which it has setup. Actually, CRM system and ASP are both hotspot in the field of IT,In this dissertation, the author tries to link the CRM system and ASP modetogether and discuss the CRM system based on ASP mode. After doing research, theauthor gives a feasible Project for the CRM system with ASP mode and its operationways and brings forward a viewpoint of flexible CRM software system so as to solvethe problem that current CRM system is lacking in market demand and individualservice.This dissertation has eight chapters. At the beginning, the author introduces themain function and system structure of CRM system in detail based on ASP modeaccording to the background of ASP and CRM and then he brings forward a flexibledesign plan for current CRM system which is lack of consumer flexibility. In chapterfour, the author gives a detail design of the CRM system based on ASP mode. Inchapter five, the author introduces the technology supports for such a system such asthe distributed modules technology and XML technology. In chapter six, the authortalks about the application of data mining technology in consumer data mining andin chapter seven he gives a introduction of user interface design and networksecurity.The research will has a positive effect on application of CRM system based onASP mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:ASP(Application Service Provider), CRM(Customer Relationship Management), Data Mining, Flexible Software
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