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Research Of The FBG On-line Monitoring Platform Based On Uncertain Data Analysis

Posted on:2012-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330335452254Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Following with chinese urbanization development and civil engineering technological progress, infrastructure for civil use is built quickly. And academic and engineering community pay much attention to the health monitoring of the infrastructure such as bridges, dams, tunnels, power cables and etc.Because we can judge the health status based on the characteristic signal of the critical component, then evaluate whether their service lives and ensure they are safe.The monitoring application of fiber bragg grating sensor is used widely, includes civil engineering, space flight, medical science, electric power area. And usually there are monitoring network and monitoring system in a monitoring project which uses fiber bragg grating sensor.This dissertation gives my suggestion about the architecture of the monitoring system bases on studying lots of the monitoring systems. There is no platform for developing the monitoring system of fiber bragg grating at present. So software developers who make such system often do much repetitive work. But there are many similar or even same components in such monitoring systems. To make developing work more convenient and faster, this dissertation study on the opening monitoring platform of fiber grating sensor structure and realization. In addition,choosing uncertain data algorithm to process the data which collected by this system is the other part of this dissertation concerns.Because we must improve data precision. Because of sensor's error and some factors affect data precision during it is transmited by FBG network, there is some errors in the data which we get by the receiver. And we call the data as uncertain data. This dissertation using relevance vector machine algorithm to analyse and process these uncertain data,and we get sound effect. And the main contents of this dissertation as follows:1. analyses the principle of the optical fiber sensor network, includes the kinds of optical fiber sensor, sense properties of optical fiber sensor, the technology of optical fiber sensor wavelength demodulation and the structure of optical fiber sensor network.2. analyses structure of this system, divides the system into several function parts bases on design principle and requirement analysis. And introduces the software environment and analyses the system topology structure.3. gives the detail design of the system platform and analyses the main technology of the system platform, includes receiving, storing, processing and applying the data.4. introduces the design and realization of the system platform.5. summarizes the system platform and gives the prospect to the parts which need to be improved in this system platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Optical Fiber Sensor, Monitoring Platform, RVM, TeeChart5
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