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IPTV's Advantages In Communication And Development Pattern

Posted on:2011-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, along with the rapid development of China's network communication technology, especially the IP technology. The traditional TV media is faced with huge impact and challenges from the variety of new media, and IPTV is one of the most representative new television media.IPTV has such communication advantages that the traditional TV can not compare to. These are abundance information resources, optimizatial interaction between the disseminator and audience, satisfies the audience's individuation, combine the information and services and so on. The IPTV enter into our daily life gradually that is relying on their's unique advantages, and our watching custom and life style was changing and influencing by it. The China Network Television (CNTV) and the Hangzhou development model as two kinds of classical carrier case under the different communication platforms in IPTV, They has demonstrated IPTV's communication situation and problems in such aspects, like the document and service, characteristic of operation ,development model and so on. Because the IPTV's development must will lead a huge industry revolution in entire television industry, so these problems in the case will also become the realistic bottlenecks that restrict the entire development of IPTV industry. Therefore, analyzes and the summarize the IPTV's communication implication unceasingly, finds out the IPTV's present situation, advantages, characteristic etc from the deeper theoretical points. It's helpful to finding out the methods of optimizing IPTV's development pattern; it's helpful to establishing the better industry development system.In this paper, I research about the IPTV's advantages in communication and development pattern. The research is based on the predecessor's research, used the overlapping research among multiple discipline knowledge, including communications, network information sciences, sociology, Industrial economics theory, relied to the document analysis, content analysis and comparative Study. This paper has analyzed and discussed the IPTV's communication characteristic, advantages and development paths, and comparative Studied through combining with theories and cases, Meanwhile, I will talk about the prospective analysis of IPTV's development pattern in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:IPTV, Advantage of Communication, CNTV, Hangzhou Pattern, Development Pattern
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