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Design Of Wireless Data-transmit System Based On ASIC

Posted on:2005-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360125958192Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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The design of Wireless Data-transmit System is based on the research of building wireless net in intelligent home, which to build a home-wireless communication network and the core is the master of digital wireless telephone. This dissertation researches the design and implementation of Burst Mode Controller (thereinafter BMC for short) that is the core in the system by the top-down high-level design method and it analyses communication protocol comprehensively. This dissertation also researches the design of the system center controller, and it simply analyses the CODEC and Radio Frequency and design their data I/O in BMC. The most advanced ASIC design technique is used in this research and it is described by VHDL, which belongs to hard ware description language. Firstly, the system center controller uses AT89C52 to realize the system's function. And then the program is downloaded to 8-bit MCU for ASIC design. This paper is clued by the design and implementation of FPGA and ASIC, and it expatiates on the subject of BMC, which involves all processes of design, simulation, synthesis and test, placing and routing. And it analyses the system work state-switch and system center controller's software flow chart.In this paper research, the design of BMC is mainly discussed. It analyses the function and architecture of BMC, which is based on analysis and mastery of data communication protocol and Time-Division Multiplexing This dissertation finishes the design of BMC, and it has also completed the function simulation as well as timing simulation after placing & routing. By the software of MATLAB provides signal source, the system's bit error ratio is zero point six three percent in the environment of SNR equipment fifteen (dB). This performance can be satisfied with voice communication completely, and also be satisfied with data communication when data quantity is not so much. A PCB board is designed to test BMC and the result of test meets basal function demand. It has also completed ASIC implementation of SOC that include BMC, system center controller and CODEC.By the dissertation's investigation, we have reached Application Specific Integrated Circuit in wireless data-transmit system. At the same time, provides the lost-cost solution for building home-wireless network and for realizing intelligent home.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intelligent Home, Bust Model Controller, System Center Controller, Hardware Description Language VHDL, Application Specific Integrated Circuit, Synthesis, Placing & Routing
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