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Design And Realization For Software Requirement Management Platform Of CMM-based

Posted on:2005-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2168360125450435Subject:Computer application technology
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Now, software organization has a lot of problems in product production process generally, such as the long development cycle, lower automation level, quality is hard to be controlled, user satisfaction is bad, survival issue is short and higher mortality, etc. The basic outlet that solves above-mentioned problems lies in: raising the process improvement capability and process management capability of software organization. Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University (SEI/CMU) has put forward software capability maturity model CMM (Capability Maturity Model). It is a set of systematized management model with strict specification and has already become international recognized method to appraise software organization capability, helping to improve software quality and raise the software process improvement capability. But CMM only provides the documental explanation that carries out software process improvement, it does not give the steps to implement, and its model and theoretical system could not offer the improvement platform of software development process and project management way to software organization with operable form and practical view. Therefore, the work of this aspect is the basis and precondition of software process management implementation.This paper has systematically introduced the development, overall frame, internal levels, process visuality and assessment methods of CMM.. After analyzing and comparing with the international and domestic standard related to software process, such as the ISO9000 series and ISO/IEC software life cycle process and CMM capability maturity model , combining TQM (total quality management), software life cycle model, CMM and the theory models of CMM—IDEAL model, the author proposes a pointed and effective software process improvement model —the integrated process improvement models. Then the author discusses the inside structure and concrete content of the model in details, and the design of the theoretical model of integrated process improvement –IPSDCA model.On the basis of discussion and analysis on the CMM content, according to the 5 maturity grades that CMM divides and the content which 18 key process areas contain, this paper combines all the activities that involve in software life cycle according to the process nature, divides 19 process areas which are distributed on three software processes: project management, project research and development, organization supporting. And drawing lessons from the thought of the key work flow in the RUP that is developed by Rational Company, the paper introduces the technological concept— " linear plus parallel plus iteration ". On the earlier stage in software development, the concept adopts parallel and iterant means to realize the incremental development of the requirement analysis, design and system testing. The author designs the software technical development process area model and the software technical management process area model respectively, and realizes the management of requirement on whole journey in the whole process of software project development life cycle. In latter stage of the five project development process areas—requirement development, technology grind, system design, realization and test, system test in earlier stage of the software life cycle, there is buffer time—technology evaluate, in order to get balance between supreme efficiency and expecting for the future better, which offers a kind of means to deal with unexpected difficulties and accidents influencing schedule for software organization. Seeing that software process measurement is an essential yardstick which runs through in the whole software process to measure and control the quality of software product and software process, author makes a discussion to the way and method of acting the measurement, develops measurement process model based on question-drived, offering the means of controlling for the whole software development process. After having discussed the importance of requirement management fo...
Keywords/Search Tags:Software Process Improvement, CMM, IDEAL model, Software Engineering, Software Requirement Management, Measurement.
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