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The Research Of Integration Middleware Technology Based On XML

Posted on:2004-01-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360092498623Subject:Computer software and theory
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The distinct character of Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is heterogeneity. The key to implement distributed computing effectively in the heterogeneous networks is to implement the interoperation of distributed objects. The solution is mainly to use middleware technology. Nowadays, distributed computing technology has reached a new seedtime that is a stage of middleware technique. By reason of it's a great many advantages, middleware technique becomes the category of software product that developed most quickly.Our research in this paper involves the middleware architecture in the heterogeneous networks, the bridge of heterogeneous middleware systems, and the interoperation between middleware and component entities. Our goal is to expand the middleware theory and to develop high level middleware products oriented distributed application which can overcome the shortcoming of the current distributed architecture, and help developer using object middleware as underlay er services to implement different business application systems.The main works and achievements in this thesis include the following aspects:1. The interoperation of CORBA, DCOM and EJB/JavaRMI are systemically studied. The architecture and their characteristics of four middlewares-CORBA, DCOM, J2EE/EJB and Web Services are carefully analyzed, and the protocol development course of the distributed interoperation is illustrated. At the same time, the shortcoming of current distributed system architecture is described.2. Not only the concept of integration middleware is defined, but also its academic and engineering significance are expatiated.3. An integration middleware architecture based on XML is given.4. An integration middleware called XSware(Xml-based SOAP middleware) based on XML is designed and implemented.5. An Application Server called DHVP(Distributed Heterogeneity data Visualization Platform) is designed and implemented by using the XSware.6. A data visual description language based on XML data called DVDL(Data Visualization Description Language) is given.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed Computing Environment(DCE), Middleware, SOAP, XML, Integration Middleware, Application Server, Interoperation
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