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Design And Research Of Micro-Measurement System Based On Optical Lever Method

Posted on:2022-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S P HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306341455534Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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As a new technology based on light and electrical signal detection,micro-cantilever beam sensing detection technology has played a significant role in many fields such as biomedicine,chemistry,and environment.In this paper,an optical measurement system based on a micro cantilever beam sensor is designed and combined with a polydimethylsiloxane film with good hydrophobicity to analyze the evaporation process of droplets,and the response of the sensor beam corresponds to the evaporation of absolute ethanol droplets.While droplet volatilization is a relatively common phenomenon,it is an important way for the transmission of volatile organic compounds.High-precision sensor measurement facilitates the analysis of droplet change processes.This article first describes the response principle and measurement method of the micro cantilever.The sensor can work in static and dynamic modes,theoretically analyze the influence of the deflection angle and detection point of the static beam response,and compare the signal processing methods such as electricity and optics to determine A relatively convenient and highly sensitive optical measurement method is used to read the static deflection information of the beam,and convert the change value at the micro-nano scale of the sensor beam into a visible millimeter scale.Secondly,a droplet state image acquisition device was built to compare the volatilization state diagrams and contact angles of droplets on different surfaces to visually characterize the wetting performance of PDMS.Experiments show that the state of droplets on the film is better.The initial angle It is larger,which proves that its hydrophobic performance is better,which is conducive to analyzing the volatilization process of the droplets with the contact angle.It can also be seen that the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity is a factor that affects the size of the contact angle.Use the improved edge detection algorithm to extract the edge of the droplet image,and observe the size change of the droplet more intuitively.Finally,the system structure is designed,and the hardware and software parts of the system are mainly designed in detail,and the single laser is driven by the motor to measure the multi-sensing beams one by one,and the collected input and output signals are compared to verify the stability and reliability of the system.Sexuality and robustness.The built system is used to measure the mass change of the beam under dynamic conditions and the process of droplet volatilization under static conditions.Experiments show that the increase in the mass of the tip of the sensing beam will reduce its vibration frequency,and the trend of data changes detected by the beam under static conditions reflects the process of droplet volatilization.Figure[84]table[4]reference[88]...
Keywords/Search Tags:microcantilever array, micromeasurement system, optical lever method, data collection
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