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Research On Business Continuity Oriented Guangdong Huaxing Bank's Information System Disaster Recovery Management Optimization

Posted on:2021-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330620477519Subject:Business administration
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The popularity of information technology in enterprises is getting higher and higher.If disaster events occur in enterprise information systems,the losses caused will also increase significantly.Reduce the impact on the society and the property loss to the public in the event of a disaster in the enterprise information system,and ensure that the enterprise can quickly and timely restore the information system and its supported businesses after the disaster in the information system,and maintain uninterrupted operations.This has become an important research direction in the operation and management of enterprise information systems.This research aims at the specific problems in the disaster recovery management process of Guangdong Huaxing Bank's information system.Based on business continuity theory and risk management theory,and business continuity-oriented,there are problems in disaster recovery management of Guangdong Huaxing Bank's existing information system.Conduct in-depth analysis and discussion.Based on the investigation and analysis of the types of disaster events that Guangdong Huaxing Bank's information system may suffer and the possibility of risk events,it combines the business continuity needs of important businesses with business units,and considers the current disaster of the information system of Guangdong Huaxing Bank The level of recovery management and the adaptability of related technical architectures,etc.,put forward an optimization plan for disaster recovery management related to the information system planning of Guangdong Huaxing Bank,including improving the disaster backup center,establishing the importance level of the application system,and optimizing the disaster recovery management of the IT infrastructure.In order to ensure the effective implementation of the information system disaster recovery management optimization plan of Guangdong Huaxing Bank,an information system-based disaster recovery management organization structure was established,a disaster recovery management resource allocation strategy was formulated,and a business continuity-oriented disaster recovery plan and drill plan were formulated.Formulate disaster recovery operation and maintenance management plans,etc.,to ensure the effectiveness of implementation and continuous improvement.During the research process,through detailed preliminary investigation,collecting relevant important information,using theoretical basis combined with work practice,the problems in the process of disaster recovery management of Guangdong Huaxing Bank information system were analyzed and studied.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bank, Information system, Business continuity, Disaster recovery management
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