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Research On Commercial Bank Business Continuity Management(BCM) Issues

Posted on:2015-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with development of wordwide economic, financial service which support economic activities is very important. The continuity of financial service and the stability of financial order is one of the most important factors impacting the economic activities. However, with increasingly of the dependence of the bank business depending on information system, and the transformation of the business module and system architecture due to data and business process centralization, data center of bank has become the focus of financial Service. Once emergence occur and data center failure, the financial service of whole bank will be interrupted. So it’s a chief task for the financial regulatory agency and the top management team to enhance precaution consciousness risk and establish the business continuity system(BCM).It’s an complex system engineering for commercial bank to establish the BCM system.BCM not only to be built the high available technical platform of data center and information, but also to be setup the business continuity management system which cover the whole business in bank. This thesis will understand comprehensively the deeply requirement of BCM in bank from management module, business requirement and resource establishment etc. and present the clearness, concise, efficient and scalable mothod of BCM planning and constructure based on advanced and aultness SOA(Service Orient Architecture)methodology. This method has several advantages as follow:●No dead angle and blind spot in requirement investigation.BCM requirement is from mult-levels such as management, business and IT, includes establishment of management system, business recovery process, business data recovery and information system disaster recovery etc. This thesis will use the method of need-label to identify the whole requirement points of BCM in order to understand comprehensive and grasp exactly and no dead angle no blind spot. ●Service elaborately and customizableThis thesis will use atomic service designing idea, elaborately and exactly describe service resources satisfied all kinds of requirements of BCM. At the same time to combine my management experiences of DR system building and maintenance in large commercial bank, this thesis set out a series of standard and normal service matching, arrangement, combination method in order to customize service.●Rapid oriention capabilities for business changeThe business in bank is developed rapidly in recent years, the traditional DR module cannot satisfy system scale extension and system architecture variation of business development. So this thersis present the service customization to establish relationship with business requirement, service and resource and to solve the problems about mismatchinng between resource investment and business variation. This thersis can satify the variation of business requirement by means of service customization.This thersis include serival parts list as follow:Chapter1Introduction. Comprehensive elaboration of this project background and significant. Present the major contents of this project through unscramble of supervision demand and analysis of current situation of BCM of bank in China.Chapter2BCM planning method. Present the BCM planning method according to analysis the requirement of commercial bank.Chapter3General BCM service framework. According to BCM planning method described in Chapter2, design the BCM system such as service requirement label, service resource library and service rule base.Chapter4BCM service method in a bank. As an example of BCM system in a large commercial bank, describe the process and achievement of the implementation of BCM system used by the method in this thersis.To sum up above, this thersis aim to BCM system in commercial bank, focus on solving the ubiquitous problems about indifference of leader, drop out of business department, unscienfic resource investment, no target of system construction. This thersis present the method of designing of service need label, building of service resource library and planning of service role base. Make the exactly understand of BCM requirement and the rapidly customization of BCM service come true. This method is used in construction of BCM in a larg commercial bank and obtain the good achievement. This is the good reference case of BCM system for other bank.
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