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Research On All-optical Wavelength Conversion Based On Orthogonal Pump For Polarization Multiplexing OFDM Signal In SOA

Posted on:2017-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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All optical wavelength conversion(AOWC)technology is the key technology of wavelength division multiplexing(WDM)in optical network.The technology makes effective use of frequency resources and solves the problem of wavelength compitition.In order to improve system transmission capacity,which orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(OFDM)and polarization multiplexing technology are introduced to communication network is an effective and feasible method in the actual all-optical network transmission system.OFDM with semiconductor optical amplifier(SOA)can solve dispersion and nonlinear effective of system,which is a new technology in recent years.The AOWC system based on orthogonal pump for polarization multiplexing OFDM signal in a SOA are theoretically analyzed.The conclusion shows that the converted signal which carry OFDM signal is achieved by four wave mixing(FWM)and polarization insensitive.The converted signal can be achieved without crosstalk after polarization beam split.The paper adopts VPI photonics simulation software to achieve the system simulation.The modulation rate of 6Gbit/s polarization multiplexing 4-QAM OFDM signal achieve wavelength conversion.The results show that the converted signal is received without crosstalk when the polarization azimuth is 45.The related factors affecting the conversion efficiency of related of the system are analyzed and simulated.The factors include the line width of pumps,the frequency interval of pumps,the input signal power,azimuth,the frequency interval of pump and signal,the number of OFDM subcarrier,the modulation format of OFDM,the channel power of OFDM,the modulation rate of OFDM and the SOA's gain.And mainly analyzes the influence of FWM on the subcarrier of OFDM.The simulation results verify the correctness of theoretical derivation.The optimal system can be obtained.
Keywords/Search Tags:orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, polarization multiplexing, all optical wavelength conversion, four wave mixing, semiconductor optical amplifier
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