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Research On Optimization Of Multicast Re-transmission Of Information-Centric Networking

Posted on:2020-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y XinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578456086Subject:Communication and Information System
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The scale of data is exploded in today's society.The upper applications are constantly updated.The mobile Internet is constantly developed.The architecture of traditional Internet has a series of problems such as low efficiency that the content is obtained,inconvenient movement,shortage of the IP address,etc.Such problems have become the bottleneck of the development of Internet.In order to solve the main problems existing of Internet today,the Information-Centric Networking(ICN)is born.The network is a new type of network that can adapt to the transmission and rapid spread of massive information.The separation of information and location is implemented in the network.Information instead of IP addresses become the center of a network that allows users to access information quickly and efficiently.However,there are still some problems with the network during the application process.Multicast scenarios are common,but the data re-transmission mechanism is inefficient in the ICN.Aiming at the problem of low efficiency of multicast re-transmission in the network,an effective algorithm is used to optimize the data re-transmission and improve the transmission performance of the network,which has become the focus of multicast transmission in the current ICN.First,according to the network architecture of the ICN,the transmission mechanism is analyzed and the problem of inefficient multicast transmission is found.An ICN model based on network coding is established to describe the problem.The classification and the selection of the network coding,the size of the block of the transmitted content in the ICN are analyzed.Secondly,in view of the shortage of data re-transmission mechanism in ICN,considering the change of network status,a real-time data re-transmission algorithm based on network coding(NC-RDR)is proposed.The coded data is adjusted in real time by updating the network state,and the number of multicast re-transmissions of the data is reduced.The bandwidth occupied by the re-transmitted data is reduced,and the transmission performance of the ICN is improved.The NC-RDR algorithm is simulated in three transmission scenarios and compared with the network coding based multicast data recovery algorithm(NC-MDR).The simulation results show that the NC-RDR algorithm proposed in this dissertation occupies less bandwidth and less re-transmissions during re-transmission.The validity of the NC-RDR algorithm in the multicast transmission of the ICN is verified.Finally,in view of the shortcomings of the re-transmission data being successfully received by 100% in the NC-MDR algorithm,considering the case that the data is not successfully received by 100% during the re-transmission process,the NC-MDR algorithm is improved to achieve that the multicast re-transmission efficiency and transmissionperformance of the ICN are improved.The identity variable is updated in real time according to the network status,and the number of re-transmission coding packets is adjusted in the improved NC-MDR algorithm.At the same time,the number of re-transmissions and the time required for the completion of the transmission are taken as the parameters of performance,and the improved NC-MDR algorithm is simulated.Simulation results show that the improved NC-MDR algorithm can reduce the number of re-transmissions required for data recovery and reduce the time required for data recovery.It is proved that the improved NC-MDR algorithm has feasibility in the ICN.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information-Centric Networking, Network Coding, Multicast Re-transmission, NC-RDR, Improved Algorithm
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