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Design And Implementation Of Scalable SaaS Platform

Posted on:2019-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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SaaS(Software as a Service)is a new service-oriented software delivery model based on the Internet.The Saa S software provider deploys Saa S software on the server and is responsible for the purchase of software licenses and the maintenance of hardware and software.Users remotely use software services over the Internet and pay for software services on requirements.At present,there are some problems in Saa S software development.Some functionally identical software modules have to be repeatedly developed when Saa S software developers are developing multiple Saa S software.In addition,Saa S software developers are required to master the development skills of Saa S-related features,such as multi-tenant data isolation,which raises the demand for Saa S software developers.First,there is a lack of effective sharing software modules for developers.Second,traditional Saa S software development methods cann't separate Saa S-related features from Saa S software services provided to consumers,and can't isolate developers from Saa S-related feature development details.In view of the problems existing in Saa S software development,this thesis studies the design and implementation of a scalable Saa S platform.The Saa S platform studied provides a set of module development specifications that developers allow to obtain modules developed by other developers through the Saa S platform.Moreover,developers can accept the services provided by the common development modules in the Saa S platform,and don't necessarily to care about the details of Saa S-related features.The requirements of the Saa S platform are analyzed from both functional and non-functional aspects.Based on the requirements analysis,the platform is designed from three perspectives: architecture,database,and function.In terms of architecture,the Saa S platform is designed from the perspective of logical architecture and technical architecture.In terms of database,the conceptual data model of Saa S platform is designed,on which to base the logical data model of Saa S platform is designed.In terms of functional,the functions of the platform is divided into platform portal,system framework,data routing,online provisioning,user login,platform management,system management,access control and load balancing according to the services that the Saa S platform should provide.To verifie the effectiveness of the Saa S platform development,the Saa S platform is functionally tested and non-functional tested,which proved that the Saa S platform fullfills the requirements of functional and non-functional.The SaaS platform test results show that the scalable Saa S platform studied in this thesis can reduce the developer's repeated development,improve the development efficiency of Saa S software,and isolate the Saa S software developers from the details of Saa S-related services and reduce demand for Saa S software developers.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, SaaS platform, multi-tenant, architecture
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