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Research Of Human Cognition And Behavior Based On Multi-model

Posted on:2019-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Faced with the increasingly complex information interaction environment,the previous single information interaction method restricts the information interaction broadband between human and machine greatly and poses a great cognitive load to us.In the aspect of the input of human-machine information interaction,the information input pattern based on visual channel has been severely challenged.Too much information load makes our visual channel be overloaded,resulting in great visual fatigue and cognitive load.In the aspect of the output of human-machine information interaction,the simplification of behavior manipulation is also difficult to deal with the complex information,which limits the further development of human-machine interaction.The interactive pattern based on multi-modal makes full use of the advantages of multi-channel information communication,which effectively expands the bandwidth of human machine information interaction and reduces human cognitive load.The development of multi-model of human-machine interaction technology is based on human's cognition and behavior.Only when we fully grasp human's cognition and behavior mechanism,can a better multi-model human-machine interaction technology be realized.Our cognition and behavior are greatly influenced by the input and output of information and also the way of its processing.Based on this,this paper explores the internal mechanism of human cognition and behavior based from the perspective of human-machine information interaction,which can provide a good theoretical basis for the development of human-machine interaction technology.In this paper,the characteristics of multi-model sense are discussed firstly,and then the information interaction pattern based on multi-model is deeply analyzed by human information processing model,finally the problem of cognitive load in the multi-model information interaction process is studied with the multi resource theory.In the study of multi-model information interaction,the characteristics of multichannel information input and output are analyzed,and the fuzziness,redundancy and complementarity in the process of information output are discussed.Finally,the human cognitive load and experience problems are studied with the multi resource theory.In the study of multi-model psychological behavior,we convert human psychological behavior to user's experience preference,and study the user experience preference with the control station of automobile under driving start situation and provide guidance for decision-makers based on multi-model user experience design.In the study of physiological behavior based on multi-channel,we expound the cognitive mechanism that matches the external behavior with the internal schema and construct a fuzzy cognitive model of driving behavior recognition,then we analyze the law of linear distribution of the membership functions of the deviation of driving identification by fuzzy statistics.Finally,the eye movement tracking experiment is used to analyze the feature motions of driving behavior,which is pointed out that the feature motions can effectively reduce the degree of fuzzy cognition.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-modal, behavior, cognition, information interaction, fuzziness, psychological behavior, physiological behavior
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