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Research On Cognition In Information Behavior Analysis

Posted on:2011-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J QianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330338476624Subject:Information Science
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Information behavior analysis is the research of information seeking, search, retrieval, selection, and utilization on the part of users. As technology and economy march on, almost everything related to information behavior has gone through great changes. As a result, information behavior has to be re-considered.Three things are mainly discussed upon in the paper. One is how to view the relationship between the individual and the group he belongs to from the cognitive perspective. One is how cognition takes effect in the realization of latent information needs. Another is what psychological tactic the user can take when he selects an information source from many.First, an retrospection of famous scholars' research in recent years are made. Then fundamental concepts in information behavior analysis and cognitive psychology are explained as a preparation for the following chapters. Then, the cognitive effects of group information behavior on individual behavior are elaborated in one whole chapter, characteristics of group information behavior and cognitive characteristcs of individual information behavior included. Next, cognitive research on the realization process of latent infomation needs are elaborated, the cognitive information processing viewpoint putforand and one flowchart for the realization summarized. Besides, one tentative flow chart for the realization is also raised. Afterwards, regarding the problem of user information source selection, one operator called multinomial Logit is tentatively put forward. Finally, work in the paper is summarized and prospects of cognition research in information behavior analysis is briefly described.
Keywords/Search Tags:cognition, information behavior analysis, individual information behavior, group information behavior, latent information needs, information source selection operator
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