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Research And Implementation Of System For High Speed Odd-form Electronic Component Plug-in Machine

Posted on:2019-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330566486145Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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Odd-form electronic components have wide variety and their feature such as the large external dimensions,most assembly of the components on PCB boards can only be completed by manual operation,which seriously affects the efficiency and quality of odd-form electronic components assembly,and restricts the development of the industry.In the study of odd-form electronic components plug-in machine,foreign countries started earlier and have achieved certain results,our research is still in the development stage.Therefore,the research and development of odd-form electronic components plug-in machine system with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance for upgrading the level of our country's industrial automation.With the development of control technology and information technology,more and more industrial controllers will be Industrial Personal Computers(IPC).This paper adopts the overall design architecture of “IPC+control board cards”.After analyzing the functional requirements and specific control flow of odd-form electronic components plug-in machine,it proposes a control scheme,and researches and develops a human-machine interface and vision software based on LinuxCNC.This paper also made some researches on the online interpolation and insertion order optimization of plug-in machine.Firstly,this paper analyzes and designs the overall architecture of the odd-form electronic components plug-in machine system.The mechanical structure of plug-in machine is introduced.The hardware od the vision module is selected,including cameras,lens and lights.The overall architecture of the software is designed.According to the plug-in machine's control requirements,the specific operation flow of the plug-in was designed.Combined with the analysis of the functional requirements of human-machine interface of odd-form electronic components plug-in machine,the overall layout of the human-machine interface was designed and the specific implementation of each functional area was explained.Secondly,this paper applies flight positioning technology to plug-in machines system.The sub-pixel method is used to identify and locate the Mark points on the PCB boards,and the Hough circle detection algorithm is used to locate the pins of the components.The human-machine interface of the vision module was designed,and the specific implementation of three parts(operation mode interface,component identification teaching interface,and PCB plug-in teaching interface)was explained.Then,the online interpolation and insertion order optimization of plug-in machine system was studied.The online interpolation can guarantee the degree of completion of plug-in machine system,and the use of genetic algorithm to achieve optimization of the insertion order to improve the insertion efficiency od the plug-in machine system.Finally,every function of the plug-in machine system was tested.According to the components insertion test,the test result reached the design expectations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Plug-in Machine, Odd-form Electronic Components, Human-machine Interaction, Flight Vision, Insertion Order Optimization
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