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Applied Research Of Main Memory Database Based Shared Memory In Telecom Billing System

Posted on:2018-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330542490619Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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With the development of modern computer and communication technology,the price of memory is getting cheaper,and the density of chip is becoming higher.It brings more feasibility to the memory storage when reading and writing directly in the memory.The essence of the memory database is that all the data is loaded into the memory and the management of data in the memory can be realized.Therefore,it successfully solves the bottleneck problem of the cost of the disk database I/O,the access speed of which is several orders of magnitude higher than disk database.Because of this advantage,it is widely available to a variety of applications which have strict time limits,implement huge amounts of high-performance transaction processing,and need large-scale intelligent computing devices.Shared memory is one of the fastest and most important ways to communicate between processes.Through the address mapping,the application process can directly access the memory,obtaining high communication efficiency.The memory database requires multiple processes to share the data in the memory in order to ensure that multiple concurrent operations can be performed stably.The shared memory has great potential in the huge data memory database.The memory database,based on the technology of shared memory,can well satisfy the system requirements of real-time,precision,flexibility and intelligence by combining the advantages of the memory database and shared memory.It is widely used in the field of telecommunications.This paper works aim at developing a shared memory based memory database to improve the efficiency of the telecom billing system,so as to enhance the overall operation and service level of the telecommunication industryThis paper introduces the research background and application significance of the memory database,studies the related theories and key technologies of the memory database,and develops a basic memory database according to the high real-time and high-accuracy business requirements of the telecom billing system,drawing on the experience of other commercial databases,This article applies the shared memory communication mechanis to establish tables,fields and record structures in the shared memory and adopt the index structure of T-tree and the Hash table in accordance with the characteristics of the memory database,with the aim to achieve the balance between the query speed and storage efficiency.This paper focuses on the design of memory database(including the structure of memory database,data organization,data table loading and updating mechanism,data table operation flow,concurrency control)and the realization of memory database(main server process,shared memory control module mechanism and data update real-time distribution process).,etc.And then it applies shared memory based memory database to the telecommunication billing system,and puts forward the optimization and improvement scheme(the mechanism of exporting and loading the data quickly,dimensional block multi-threaded concurrent loading mechanism,and shared memory switching mechanism)according to the change of the memory database in the process of carrying the telecom billing system,so as to enhance memory database access performance,reliability,availability,and scalability.Finally,the operation of the telecom billing system after the application of the memory database is compared and tested to verify the correctness of the data and the efficiency of the processing performance.The test results are good.The scheme satisfies the requirement of telecom billing system.
Keywords/Search Tags:main memory database, shared memory, concurrency control, Balanced Binary Tree, telecom billing system
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