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Research On The Nuclear Fuel Assembly Turnover Device Of PWR Nuclear Power Station

Posted on:2020-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of nuclear power,the fourth generation technology has been developed in the world.In the process of fuel transportation,product transportation and management need to be carried out by flip device.Because the degree of intelligence such as transportation of the whole product is not high now,it needs more human resources to run the whole nuclear reactor product,then in the subsequent manufacturing process,it will easily produce personal harm.In the course of work,some auxiliary equipment is needed to complete all the work.Therefore,in the present many flipping devices can not achieve automatic processing.At the same time,in China,the current fuel unit Among the development requirements of component automation,further technical improvement is needed to achieve the basic state.In this paper,a nuclear fuel assembly flip device with removable function is developed,which realizes the automatic flip and automatic control of the nuclear fuel assembly.Through AP1000 this kind of development device carries on the key analysis and the research.Based on the understanding of automatic turnover,this paper makes a deep analysis of the speed and times of turnover from the design of some main components such as hydraulic components.At the same time,it is necessary to find the most suitable flipping state through the research of the technical indexes such as the speed of turnover and the number of turning angles.Follow up by choosing the right structural design from the functional and technical requirements,and using the The key parts,such as structure and overturning frame,can analyze hydraulic pressure and determine the main parameters.We can see the bearing capacity,the strength of each part and the size of the pipe.The data of each part will affect the final design.On the basis of understanding the flip design,the correct three-dimensional software is chosen to make dynamic analysis of this state.At the same time,the computer aided design software is chosen to do further simulation on mechanics and connection point.Through further simulation calculation and research,on the basis of basic reasonable state,The prototype of the device can be determined in depth.And then use the on the basis of verification,the simulation module of nuclear fuel is analyzed deeply,and the basic goal of development and design is achieved.On the basis of all the problems,the automatic flipping application of fuel assemblies is analyzed and discussed.All the problems are of great significance to the future development of the flip mechanism in China,and are also in the course of subsequent development.A method of Standardization processing.
Keywords/Search Tags:nuclear power, ap1000 nuclear fuel, flip device, motion simulation
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