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Locking Mode Of All Solid State Laser With New Nonlinear Optical Material

Posted on:2018-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ultrafast laser has obtained researcher's attention in recent years,due to the widely application in military affairs and medical treatment.Yb:YAG laser crystal has the advantage of high heat-damage threshold,small quantum mediums,and it can be pumped by diode laser directedly.So Yb:YAG crystal always used to obtain high-power laser and ultra-fast laser in all-solid-state lasers.In this thesis,a theoretical and experimental analysis are demonstrated based on all-solid-state Yb:YAG laser.The contents are as followed:?1?The development and application of all-solid-state laser,and the continue-wave output power of Yb:YAG laser already reach to kilowatt were introduced in thesis.Then introduction of the development of ultra-fast laser is overview.By now,in addition to that the traditional saturable absorber mirror,it has appear some new mode-locking technique,such as new 2D material and twin-core fiber.At present,the pulse of mode-locked laser with MoS2 has reached to Picosecond.Based on the twin-core optical fiber clamping technology at present is still in the exploratory stage,but researchers have used to the same principle for the realization of mode-locked pulse output in the waveguide array.?2?Base on coupled-nonlinear Schrodinger equations,the similar saturable absorber affection and the pule-compression of dual-core fiber have demonstrated.We simulate the mode-locking establish with a dual-core fiber in all-solid-state Yb:YAG laser and illustrate the important of gain.Then we established the all-solid-state Yb:YAG laser with dual-core liquid-crystal fiber,experimented the pulse compression and mode-locked characteristics.?2?The relationship between the cavity parameters and output characteristics has demonstrated base on the Haus mode-locking main equation with two saturable absorber?SESAM and MoS2?.We illustrate the generation of ultra-fast laser and contrast the output parameters between the SESAM and MoS2 saturable absorber.The result of pulse width and peak power of the cavity length,beam radius and output ratios have been analyzed.Then the substitutability of SESAM andMoS2 have demonstrated in the all-solid Yb:YAG laser with a short cavity length.?3?The stable V-shape and Z-shape cavity were simulated and established in our experiment through the theoretical calculation of the cavity length based on the laser transfer matrix.In contrast to the output characteristics of V-shape and Z-shape cavity in all-solid-state Yb:YAG laser with SESAM.Then the average output power of220mW,pulse with of 13.6?s of the stable Q-switched pulse has obtained in a Z-shape cavity with MoS2 saturable absorber.
Keywords/Search Tags:All-solid-state laser, Yb:YAG, Mode-locking, dual-core fiber
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