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Investigation Of Diode-pumped All-solid-state Laser And Related Mode-locking Technology

Posted on:2007-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q C JiangFull Text:PDF
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Pulsed lasers have been used widely in various fields, such as opticalcommunication, medical, materials processing and nonlinear optics.Diode-pumped solid-state lasers have various advantages such as highconversion efficiency, long lifetime, compactness and high stability.Consequently, developing techniques for Q-switching or mode-locking indiode-pumped lasers has been burgeoning as a new exploration to get compactpulsed lasers. In this dissertation, we discussed the technologies of continuousoperation of fundamental and second harmonic generation, as well asQ-switching and mode-locking laser properties in diode-pumpedNd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4 solid-state lasers. The contents can be outlined as below:1. Review of the history and development of all solid state lasers. The mainapproaches and new results of all-solid-state pulses laser at present aresummarized. The optical properties of new Nd-doped mixed vanadatecrystal Nd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4 are Introduced.2. Investigation of the lasing properties of Nd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4 in experiments.The expression for diode-pumped solid-state laser properties is reached.The thermal effect of Nd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4 with different parameters for cavitylength and transmission rate are explored.3. Cr4+:YAG passively Q-switching and mode-locking laser of a new mixedvanadate crystal Nd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4 are explored. Cr4+:YAG possesses theproperties of ground-state saturable absorption (GSA) and exited-statesaturable absorption (ESA). And the relaxation times of GSA and ESA are inthe region of microsecond and picosecond, respectively. Thosecharacteristics can be applied to construct Q-switching and mode-lockinglasers. In our experiments, 2.7W Q-switching and mode-locking laser outputin the 1064nm is obtained.4. The theory of second harmonic generation simply introduced. The laseroutput of continuous waves ,Q-switching and mode-locking at 532nm ofNd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4 are obtained.5. 837mW Q-switching and mode-locking laser output at 1064nm of Nd:YVO4is obtained with LT-GaAs as saturable absorber in our experiment, as wellas 1.35W Q-switching and mode-locking laser output at 1064nm ofNd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4.
Keywords/Search Tags:all-solid-state laser, Nd:Gd0.42Y0.58VO4, Q-switching and mode-locking, Cr4+:YAG, phase matching, semiconductor saturable absorber, LT-GaAs
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