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Self-starting Fundamental Reasearch Of Self-mode-locking Solid State Laser

Posted on:2008-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J GuoFull Text:PDF
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Since the pulse laser has been made, the laser pulse peak power and pulse width has made an unprecedented rapid development. The development of ultra short pulse laser technology has provided a powerful tool of high time resolution and high field intensity, which helps people explore the nature and discover the new phenomenon and the rule. It is the important method which carries on to the microcosm studies and promulgates the new ultraquick process in the field of Physics, Chemical biology, Photoelectronics, Laser spectroscopy and so on.The self-mode-locking laser is the mode-locking technique, which provides laser pulse only by nonlinear effect of laser gain medium without any active or passive component. Using self-mode-locking technology people have a femtosecond pulse for the first time in titanium sapphire (Ti: Sapphire-Ti:S) in 1991. Since then self-mode-locking technology gains people's attention, and has become one of the main ultrashort pulse technique.The start of the study in our country is late, although self-mode-locked solid-state laser technology in international develops faster. The study about self-mode-locked solid-state laser technology is to be perfected. This paper will study self-starting technology of self-mode-locked solid-state lasers; analysis self-focusing and self-mode-locking mechanism of the nonlinear crystal; expound the theory of the Ti : sapphire laser; discuss transmission rules of Gaussian beam in the nonlinear crystal and mode-locked laser resonator and research steady-state and transient regimes of ultrashort pulse generation . It is shown that the control parameter governs the nature of lasing. Numerical modeling based on mapping the parameters of a quasi-soliton ultrashort pulse, considered in the aberration-free approximation, yields results in good agreement with experiments.
Keywords/Search Tags:self-mode-locking, ultrashort laser pulse, nonlinear mechanism, self-focusing
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