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Research Of Wireless Network Information Retransmission Technology Based On Network Coding

Posted on:2017-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518495358Subject:Computer technology
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With the development of the Internet,people learn,work and live in constant innovation changes.And with the dramatic increase in Internet content,people's views have been changed.People pay much attention on how to get the Content from Internet quickly,rather than how to access the Internet.The new technologies P2P(Point-to-Point)and CDN(Content Defined Network)are application layer networks,they bring much redundancy and waste a lot of transport resources under the Widely deployed network architecture(TCP/IP).In this background,the industry proposed the future network framework,which is based on the content.The Information Centric Networking(ICN)is an important landing of future network,which has become the hot topic of the industry.At the same time,along with the popularity of wireless smart mobile devices,and wireless network is large-scale deployed.The wireless network becomes the important part of the Internet.Based on the above despised,we think that the Wireless Information Centric network is one of promising research directions.As there have rarely research that combine Information Centric Network with Wireless Network.We think the point have important research value,especially in the area of multicast transmission.Firstly,based on the information center network "natural" multicast features and wireless network,we propose a multicast retransmission optimization problem,in order to improve the multicast information center portion of the wireless network.Then,taking into account the network coding information theory as the direction of the breakthroughs in improving the network transmission performance is particularly prominent.In this paper,according the wireless network of information centers multicast retransmission features,we designed a set of network coding scheme,and analyzed the performance of the coding scheme.Finally,we realized the coding scheme on open source COPE simulation platform.And we verified and compared the effects of application of FEC and random linear network coding multicast retransmission.
Keywords/Search Tags:information centric network, wireless network, multicast, network coding
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