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Study On Wireless Network Coding

Posted on:2006-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L CheFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152471625Subject:Communication and Information System
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Network coding was put forward by R.Ahlswede et al. from information theory prospective in 2000. It can achieve the maximum capacity of communication networks, which is determined by the min-cut max-flow theorem. Actually network coding is based on a simple idea, which allows the intermediate nodes of the communication networks to code the information they received from their incoming links. Then at the sinks, information is retrieved from what they received.Network coding has absolutely incited the changes of the information operation method in a communication network. Its research involves the knowledge about information theory, computer communication networks, multicast technique, multiple user information theory and graph theory.The paper fist systematically introduces the basic theory of network coding. Then based on the command of network coding, the author made a deep research on wireless network coding, and presents a wireless network coding model whose feasibility is proved at the same time. This new wireless network coding model can not only accomplish the upper bound of network capacity, but also greatly reduce the resource consume of wireless networks where energy is supplied by batteries. Finally alphabet size, an important factor of network coding, is investigated. By theoretical analysis, the reason why a larger alphabet size is needed in network coding is lay out. And Research shows that the required alphabet size of the new wireless network coding model does not increase.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network Coding, Network Information Flow, Multicast
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