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Keyword [information centric network]
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1. Reseach On The Key Issues Of Routing And Caching Scheme In Information-centric Network
2. Related Technologies Of Information-centric Network Implementation
3. Research On Mobility Support Approaches In Information Centric Network
4. Research Of Information-Centric Network Security Mechanism
5. An Information-Centric Design And Implementation Based On SDN
6. Cache Design In Information Centric Network
7. Software-Defined Networking Technology Research Based On Openflow
8. The Study Of Information-Centric Network Based On Sdn
9. Design And Implementation Of Future Network Transport Protocol
10. Study And Implementation Of ICN-Based Information Distribution In Vanet
11. Research On Caching Mechanism And System Implementation In Information Centric Network
12. Research On Label-directed Forwarding And Cache Scheduling In ICN
13. Research On The Thchnologies Of Content Process In Information-centric Network
14. Research Of Cache Management Mechanism And Traffic Engineering In Information-Centric Network
15. The Key Problem Research Of MANET Based On Information Centric Network
16. Performance Analysis And Simulation On Cache Mechanism Of The Future Network
17. Desgin And Implementation Of A Software-Defined Information-Centric Network System
18. Research On Network Architecture Design And Caching Mechanism In Information-centric Network
19. A Research Of Collaborative Cache Management In Information-Centric Network
20. Design And Implementation Of An IoT Browser Based On Information-centric Network Architecture
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