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Research On Predictive Function Control For Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Speed Regulation System

Posted on:2018-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518491941Subject:Control engineering
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Permanent magnet synchronous motor has a series of advantages,such as small size,simple structure,high power factor,wide speed range and so on,It is Playing a more and more important role in practical application.Therefore,the research of PMSM has attracted more and more attention of experts and scholars at home and abroad,and has become the research focus in the field of AC drive,With the rapid development of society,The field of AC drive for the control strategy requirements of permanent magnet synchronous motor also increase,the traditional PI control algorithm has the characteristics of time variation,load disturbance and motor Linear characteristics and other uncertain factors,it has been difficult to meet the AC servo system high-performance control needs.Predictive function control is a new type of predictive control method,Which The most notable advantage is that the control output equation is simple and the real-time control has less computation,good tracking performance,good rapidity and high steady-state accuracy.Firstly,Aiming at the problem of the current loop tracking accuracy,speed loop control accuracy and robustness of speed control system,the current predictive function controller and the speed prediction function controller are designed Based on the predictive function control theory under the framework of vector control speed regulation system,.The tracking accuracy of the current loop and the control accuracy of the speed loop are improved effectively.Due to the influence of load disturbance,parameter uncertainty and other factors,easy to produce larger prediction error,the nonlinear disturbance controller(NDOB)is designed to estimation of system disturbance and feedforward compensation to control quantity,The robustness of the system is improved.Finally,the proposed control strategy is simulated to verify the feasibility of it.Secondly,in order to improve the shortcomings of the proposed algorithm,a sliding mode predictive controller based on NDOB is designed,an internal loop predictive function controller and a speed outer loop sliding mode controller are designed respectively,Based on predictive function control theory and sliding mode control theory,which effectively improves the tracking accuracy of the current internal loop and the precision of the speed outer loop control.However,the traditional sliding mode control strategy has severe chattering,which greatly reduces the performance of the system.Then,a nonlinear disturbance observer is designed to estimate and compensation for the uncertain disturbance of the system,When the system chattering is reduced,the dynamic performance and robustness of the system are improved.Finally,the proposed control strategy is simulated and verified,and the validity of the method is proved.Finally,In order to further verify the validity of the control strategy in this paper,the DSP chip developed by TI Corporation as the core of PMSM vector control system experimental platform is reasonable designed,Experimental verification was carried out,and the validity of the control strategy is proved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Load disturbance, Predictive function control, Sliding mode control, Nonlinear Disturbance Observer
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