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The Design Of Static Output Feedback Reliable Controller With H2/H? For Linear Systems

Posted on:2018-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512493683Subject:Operational Research and Cybernetics
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In our daily life,a lot of workers will encounter the problem that machine equipment or production parts have faults.These failures may cause the machine equipment to stop working,engineering stagnation,even the accident cause casualties.This will not only affect our production and life,but also have incalculable loss for unit or individual,so the study of reliable control is the trend of the development.In a nutshell,the purpose of the reliable control is to pre-consider the failure before of the system design.We are usually consider the controller is occur an actuator failure or a sensor failure.Nowadays,as the development of technology,the reliable control used in the production and life is more and more extensive.Therefore,the research on reliable control problem is more and more depth.At present,the controller is divided into output feedback controller and state feedback controller,the output feedback controller is divided into static output feedback controller and dynamic output feedback controller too.Among them,the dynamic output feedback structure complex and consume a quantity energy,the state output feedback system needs to collect the state,but it is difficult to do.Therefore,the design of the static output feedback controller is meaning and value because it is convenient for measuring and designed.With the development of technology,equipment or components can only ensure the most basic reliable can not satisfied the requirement of people,so reliable control with some performance are came into being.This not only makes the machine reliable,but also make it has a wider range of applications and more powerful.On the one hand,from the H2/H? control proposed so far,it has been a large number of scholars to focus on and researched.It can be said that H2/H? control combines the advantages of2 H control and?H control in one.with a double performance indicators,so that the design of the system not only has a very good regulation and adaptability,but also it has a strong degree of robustness.On the other hand,in thestatic output reliable control,few people to carry out the H2/H? research,so this paper make up for this gap.The paper focuses on the reliable control of linear systems with actuator faults.The first chapter is the introduction of the paper,introduced the subject of the paper.The second chapter is the main application of the mathematical knowledge,including the failure model,mathematical symbols and proof of the need for lemming.The third chapter to the fifth chapter is the main achievement of the paper.The third chapter and the fourth chapter respectively study the linear system based on2 H reliable control and?H reliable control with actuator failures.The fifth chapter is study of the static output feedback with H2/H? reliable controller,the controller in this chapter combines the dual performance of2 H control and?H control.At the same time,each chapter has a corresponding numerical simulation,these can prove that the design of the static output reliable controller is correct and effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:static output, H2/H? performance, linear matrix inequalities, reliable control
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