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Research On Science Communication Of Scientific American

Posted on:2016-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2348330473465107Subject:Journalism and Communication
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Scientific American is a world-famous comprehensive popular science magazine. This magazine has a long history and a world-wide reach and impact, which makes it the first popular science brand in the world. The characters in both content and form in the science communication of Scientific American is significant and worth of researching, and it is widely acknowledged among China's scholars. By regarding the copies of Scientific American from 2004 to 2013 as research objects, this study is exploring the communication characters and developing trends on the forward information of social science for traditional media( especially for magazines) under the modern communication circumstance with the competition of internet media.At the moment of the foundation, Scientific American held the aim of ?guide and recreation? and insisted to ?let the scientists introduce their work to the public ?. It tries to explain the social problem with science knowledge and mythology in order to make the public understand science. Thus, its main readers are groups with high science literacy, such as science group, executives in government and enterprises and the intellectual(mainly in education circle).The core of dissemination in Scientific American is natural science, which also includes application science and a few social sciences. The magazine concentrates on interpreting community focus to attract readers, and publishes different points for certain topic. Meanwhile, the content of this journal is authoritative and rigorous, and the editing group has a comprehensively high scientific literacy.The communication forms of Scientific American is various and active. The beginning of each paper is vivid, and various forms of supplements are used to improve readability. The number and quality of pictures are great, which are used for visualizing the principles of science knowledge and making reader understand the science principle more easily. Furthermore, the pictures layout is coincidence in color and rhythm based on different column requirements. Besides, digital publication brings more communication ways, which includes personal customization among massive information; online interacts deepen the communication; multi-media communication forms are welcomed.Combining with the success of Scientific American, the study continues to put forward optimizing strategies for Chinese comprehensive popular science magazines as followed: clarify the positioning and purpose to meet the needs of readers; enhance the quality of content and build the core competitiveness; enrich the forms of communication to improve the readability of popular science papers; take the road of grouping operation and establish science brand, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science Communication, Popular Science Magazine, Scientific American, Characteristics of Science Communication
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