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The Preparation Of TiO2 Thin Film And Study Of Electrical Properties

Posted on:2016-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330479483760Subject:Materials engineering
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In recent years, Ti O2 thin films become more popular. It belongs to the binary transition metal oxide semiconductor materials, in electrical, magnetic, optical and other research areas, due to its unique nature, has important applications in many areas photocatalysis, memristor, solar cells.There are three main titania crystal type, brookite, anatase and rutile. Wherein brookite is relatively unstable and fewer in the nature, while anatase and rutile are more stable and widely used. This thesis focuses on using Magnetron Sputtering under different conditions and parameters to obtain Ti O2 films of different structures were analyzed, summarized and optimize the preparation process of the film, to study the mechanisms of transition between different crystal structures and electrical properties, Influence of preparation conditions on the film properties. Main ideas are as following:Prepared a series of Ti O2 films with magnetron sputtering method under different oxygen partial pressure, different sputtering temperature. Using Raman spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, XPS photoelectron spectroscopy analyzer to study the crystal structure of the film, topography, and bond analysis.Through analysis, I found that changes in the oxygen content of a certain influence on the crystal form of titanium dioxide. At higher oxygen partial pressure, more rutile titanium dioxide structure was generated; at lower temperature, more titanium dioxide in anatase form is generated.The results of AFM show that Ti O2 under magnetron sputtering was prepared very smooth. Different sputtering temperature has a certain impact on the morphologies. At higher temperatures, a greater roughness of the film is observed, and the grain size has a tendency of decreasing at higher temperatures.By four-probe method resistivity of films were tested and the results showed that the resistivity contrasts different crystal structure is large, rutile titanium dioxide film structure has a high resistivity, and anatase titanium oxide film smaller. With the increase of the oxygen content, the resistivity of the film will be shown a downward trend.
Keywords/Search Tags:TiO2 thin films, magnetron sputtering, resistivity, electrical properties
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