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1. Organic Semiconductor Materials Transport Mechanisms And Electrical Properties Of The Organic Diode
2. Interfacial Structures And Electrical Properties Of Atomic Layer Deposited High-k Dielectric Thin Films On Ⅲ-Ⅴ And Ge Semiconductors
3. Study On Opto-electronic Properties Of Semipolar GaN And LEDs Grown By Selective Area Epitaxy
4. Research On The Temperature Effect On The Electrical Properties Of Two-dimensional Layered Material Field Effect Devices
5. Optical And Electrical Properties Of Porous Silicon
6. Study On Transparent And Conductive Cdln2O4 Thin Films And Measurement Of High-Speed Photodetector Frequency Response
7. Phase-change Materials And Technique Of Cell Element For Chalcogenide Random Access Memory
8. Optical And Electrical Properties Studies Of Different Ions Implanted Gallium Nitride
9. Study On Thermal, Mechanical And Electrical Properties Of Meso-Porous Silicon Materials In MEMS
10. Investigation On New Structure Thin Film Transistors And Their Electrical Properties
11. Optical And Electrical Properties, Doping Of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor SiC And ZnO
12. Optical And Electrical Properties Of CdO And ZnO-based Thin Films Prepared By Pulsed Laser Deposition
13. The Preparation Of Metal Organic Complexes M-tcnq Micro-nano Structure And Electrical Properties Of Study
14. Perovskite-type Oxide Semiconductor Doped With Optical And Electrical Properties Of The Surface Adsorption Theory
15. Organic Bistable Devices And Electrical Properties Of Organic Solar Cells
16. Research On Optical, Electrical Properties And Stability Of Phosphorus Doped P Type ZnO Film
17. Study On The Charge Transport And Electrical Properties In Organic Electronic Devices
18. Neural-net-based Modeling Used In The ASP Complicated Flooding Systems
19. Study Of The Effects Annealing On The Native Defects And Electrical Properties In Ndsilec GaAs
20. Luminescent And Electrical Properties Of Composites Of Porous Silicon And Organic Materials
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