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Growth Of ZnO Thin Films By RF Magnetron Sputtering On And Study Its Properties

Posted on:2015-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330452494222Subject:Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
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ZnO as a third-generation semiconductor material, it is more and more widely. ZnO material is Ⅱ-Ⅵ wide band gap compound, Exciton binding energy is60meV, The exciton binding energy of ZnSe is20meV, the exciton binding energy of GaN is28meV, So ZnO can be achieved exciton emission at room temperature in theory, it is preferred material for ultraviolet light emitting device. ZnO films have good optical properties, electrical properties, piezoelectric properties, gas properties, so ZnO material a new is shining star in new materials.Made ZnO thin films by RF magnetron sputtering, Study the effects of ZnO thin films’ the growth and characteristics under different process conditions,and study on the growth and characteristics of ZnO thin films in different substrates (Si, sapphire, glass).Using X-ray diffraction(XRD) atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), level meter, PL spectra, transmittance characterization to study the thin film’s crystalline quality, surface morphology, thickness, optical properties, the results are as follows:1.On the Si (100) surface sputtered ZnO films, the properties of ZnO thin films under different substrate temperature, sputtering power, sputtering pressure, Ar/O2and other process conditions. The optimum conditions is that temperature was300℃, the sputtering power is70W, the sputtering pressure is1.5Pa, a Ar/O2is20sccm:10sccm, ZnO film obtained the best crystalline quality, surface topography2. Sputtered ZnO film on a glass substrate, study the effect of ZnO crystal quality, surface morphology, the optical properties under different substrate temperature; study the effect of film’s thickness under different sputtering time, with the increase of the sputtering time, the film thickness increased in linear’s growth pattern.3.Sputtered ZnO on the Si substrate, a glass substrate, a sapphire substrate, study the effect of ZnO thin film’s crystal quality, surface morphology, characteristics, ZnO thin films on sapphire better quality than the Si substrate and glass substrate, because the thin film on sapphire are closer lattice match with ZnO thin films, So formed film quality is better.
Keywords/Search Tags:magnetron sputtering, ZnO thin films, crystal quality, surface morphologyoptical properties
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