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Research And Implementation Of UAV Based Radar Deception Jamming Device

Posted on:2016-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330473451458Subject:Communication and Information System
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The Radar Deception Jamming technology can be implemented on UAV based deception equipment, which takes advantage of UAV i.e. better invisibility, lower cost and higher mobility. However, the deception jamming is always failed because of power saturation of side lobe or the low precision of Doppler Shift. At the same time, MTI/MTD technology is widely used in radar anti-jamming field, which lead to lower deception probability. The process of research and implement on a kind of Radar Deception Equipment was descripted on this paper. Several radar anti-jamming technologies and electronic warfare method have been discussed, include: track deception, altitude deception and MTI/MTD deception. A core solution of this equipment, which is based on the technology of Digital Frequency Storage has been adopted. At last, the experimental results are shown and the validity of this equipment is verified. Specific contents include:(1) Based on the foundation of target measurement method and MTI/MTD technology, the feasibility of several deception method have been discussed, which based on the delayed transaction, pulse shape discrimination, power control and virtual Doppler Shift.(2) A kind of UAV based radar deception equipment has been designed and implemented, include: the 1.25 SPS IF digital frequency storage component based on FPGA build in RAM; the pulse shape discrimination module used pulse wide state machine; the side lobe suppression processing based on the measurement of radar scan period. Meanwhile, virtual Doppler Shift was generated by using the DDS. Moreover, wireless communication protocol of this equipment was designed, in order to change the deception parameters by the software on land station. Also, the simulated signal source has been implemented by using MATLAB and E4438 C Vector Signal Generator.(3) The specifications and performance of this equipment have been displayed in simulated test. As well, the equipment test which face radar was successfully passed! The experimental results prove the validity of the feature of altitude equipment, track equipment and MTI/MTD equipment.
Keywords/Search Tags:UAV, Deception Jamming, Radar Deception, Track Deception
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