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Research On SAR Deception Jamming Methods

Posted on:2008-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S K XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242999291Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) jamming is becoming a hot topic in the field of Electronic Countermeasures. Based on the electromagnetic characteristic of the illusory which used to build the deceptive signals, some techniques of deceptive jamming to SAR are researched in this thesis, serving for combating military reconnaissance of SAR.First, the background and worthiness of the research is introduced, and the development of SAR jamming is summarized, following with the framework and content of the thesis.After briefly introducing the basic principle of SAR imaging, a Range-Doppler algorithm which does the range migration compensation in time domain is discussed, and experimental results on real SAR data show its validity. Then we outline the means of moving target detection with SAR, and introduce a SAR/GMTI technique based on Wigner-Hough transform with relevant simulation.In view of the problem that the deceptive signals generated in the deceptive jamming to static targets of SAR are not match up to the electromagnetic characteristic of real targets, a new deceptive jamming technique based on the electromagnetic characteristic of relative targets is proposed. The new method uses two-dimensional scattering centers to modeling measured or computed electromagnetism scattering data, which will be used to generate deceptive signals for jamming. Based on the generating manner of deceptive signals, the influences of different parameters measurement error of jammed radar to the jamming performance are analyzed in detail, the conclusion is testified by simulations.The deceptive jamming technique for SAR/GMTI is studied. First the common generation method of deceptive moving target signals is introduced and its signal model is analyzed detailedly. Then aiming at the deceptive moving target with a great deal of uniform movement information, an improved way of generating deceptive signals is presented, which effectively reduces the operation complexity, and simulation result shows its efficiency. At last the influence of parameter measurement error, including radar velocity and its work frequency, to the jamming performance of deceptive moving target is given in quantity.The content of the dissertation is summarized and the problems needed further research are pointed out in chapter 5.
Keywords/Search Tags:Synthetic aperture radar, radar imaging, moving target detection, matrix pencil, deception jamming
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