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Research On Rang Deception And Track Deception Against Surveillance And Warning Radar

Posted on:2009-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245971233Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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The task of surveillance and warning radar is to discover the targets as soon as possible, and offer the general space coordinate for tracking radar. The radars should also promise that they make ready for the enemy's attacking. The fact whether the surveillance and warning radar can work well determines that whether we can have the initiative of the war. Then the problem how to jam the radar effectively is becoming a view of our concern.Rang deception is a commonly used active jamming technique. After the radar signal received by the jammer, it will be stored firstly, and will be delayed some time as needed before being transmitted again. The method can generate many false targets, which will increase the radar's false alarm time, make its'data fusion system reach saturation point, or delay the time that the true target is found. The track deception is a kind of compound jamming technology that integrates rang false target deception and angle deception. Because more angle and velocity information is added, the jamming technique can work more effectively and it will pose a grave threat to surveillance and warning Radar.Firstly, the methods of ranging and angling ,usually used in the surveillance and warning radar, are described in this paper, and the tactical properties is given. The conception of the DRFM is described also, and the process how it works is simulated simply. The theory of range deception is elaborated, and the mathematical model is built. Then, the track deception jamming is advanced on the base of rang deception and angle deception. The method can be also be used to deceive the net-working radar system. The process that how the tracks are generated is simulated. And the analysis of the jamming effect is given and simulated. To jam the netted radar system using this arithmetic, the system is jammed efficaciously. And the result also shows that the more targets generated in the range of maximum, the better effect achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surveillance and Warning Radar, range deception, angle deception, jamming effect
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