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Research On Modeling And Deception Jamming Of Monopulse Radar

Posted on:2018-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330536487904Subject:Communication and Information System
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Mono-pulse radar is a kind of precisely angle detecting radar with s higher precision,faster speed,stronger anti interference ability and other advantages which have been widely used in the military field.Jamming against mono-pulse radar has become a research focus in the radar electronic countermeasures field,based on modeling and analysis of mono-pulse radar system,the angle deception jamming technology is researched in this paper,the main research contents are as follows:1,Modeling of the mono-pulse radar system.According to the radar system simulation theory,and the superiority of Fractional Fourier Transform(FRFT),the radar signal processing unit based on FRFT is designed;than A target parameter estimation algorithm is proposed.According to the energy accumulation characteristics of the LFM signal in the fractional Fourier domain,the discrete spectrum correction algorithm is used to estimate the target range velocity parameters.Finally,the function model of mono-pulse radar system is established.2,Researching on the mono-pulse angle deception jamming technology.Based on the noncoherent jamming technology and coherent jamming technology,the general situation of the dual points coherent jamming t is extended to multi points jamming.Then,a detailed researching on the recently proposed retro-directive cross eye jamming is considered in this thesis,the performance of those mono-pulse angle deception jamming technology is analyzed and compared by simulation experiments.3,A jamming signal generator based on digital radio frequency memory and compressive sensing theory is proposed to generate jamming signal.Based on the researching of the digital radio frequency memory,compressed sensing technology is adopted to optimize the traditional digital radio frequency memory,which can make digital radio frequency memory generated jamming signal with a low sampling rate and low amount of data.According to the principle of mono-pulse angle jamming and compressed sensing digital radio frequency memory signal processing unit,incoherent towed jammer and airborne self-deception coherent jammer is proposed,and the performance of two kinds of jammer is verified through simulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mono-pulse radar, System modeling and simulation, Angle deception jamming, Digital radio frequency Memory, Angle deception jammer
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