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Research Of Customization And Deployment On Multi-tenant Software And Realization Of The Business Process As A Service Model

Posted on:2016-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330467482349Subject:Computer technology
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Recently, with the popularity of the Internet and the rapid develop of informationtechnology, the new architecture of software springs up like mushrooms, and thedevelopment mode of enterprise applications evolve in the direction of network,platform, and service. As a new delivery model for software applications, SaaS getsgreat favor of software vendors and users because it has several advantages, such ason-demand renting, no maintenance for users, etc.Currently, although the development mode of multi-tenant software has achievedsome success, there are still the problems need to be solved as following. Firstly,softwares and services rented by users are mostly provided by the service provider inadvance. As a result, under the development environment of multi-tenant applicationsoftware, multi-tenant software customization is unable to realize since serviceproviders could not take account of all possible needs of users in advance. Secondly,multi-tenant application needs to be deployed after custom-made by users. When thetotal resources of servers are limited, there is no good solution to ensure the maximaltotal revenue of multi-tenant application. Thirdly, business processes are closelycoupled with functional code in the development of multi-tenant application, whichwill lead to the problem of long system development cycle and difficult businessprocess upgrading.For the three aspects above, this paper has done an in-depth study of softwarerenting model construction, the calculation of resource consumption, deploymentmethod and business processes as service integration. The main work and innovationsof this paper are as follows:1. The customization model of multi-tenant-aware software is modeled.The customization model of multi-tenant-aware software is modeled byeffectively checking the personalized customization and dependencies fortenants, which make software customization of multi-tenant come true.2. The deployment strategy of multi-tenant-aware software is proposed.In the case of a certain quantity of servers, the preference of custom-madefeatures of tenants and feature dependency are taken a full consideration. Themodel of resource consumption is built. Priority function of feature deployment is created, built on which the deployment strategy ofmulti-tenant-aware software is proposed. This strategy achieved maximum oftenants and revenue as it gives preference to deploy key features for softwareand important features for users.3. Java business process management (JBPM) and multi-tenant integration areanalyzed and integrated.We deeply analysis the JBPM from multiple aspects, including Corecomponent of JBPM, the architecture of engine, mechanism of componentmanagement, design requirement, the definition of business process and thelife cycle of human task of JBPM. The scheduling process of core engine ofJBPM is analyzed. On the basis of the above analysis, the integrated researchbetween JBPM and multi-tenant has been done.4. A prototype system supporting multi-tenant business process management isbuilt.Research on cloud service, business process, Spring, Axis, etc. has been done.Theoretical basis of BPaaS mode is built. A prototype system supportingmulti-tenant business process management is built.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-tenant software, personalized customization, deployment strategy, business process management, BPaaS
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