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The Analysis And Design Of Identity-Based And Certificateless Aggregate Signature Schemes

Posted on:2016-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330461472257Subject:Information security
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With the continuous development of global communication technology, the information network is also constantly promoted, and some new technologies like the Internet of things, ubiquitous network, cloud computing and cloud storage have become hot issues of current development. However this also sets higher requirements on the resources and abilities of current communication equipment and network equipment such as security computing, security storage, batch checking and so on. It requires lower resource consumptions and higher efficiency to achieve batch checking of information. Traditional security technology cannot solve the problems mentioned above, therefore the development of efficient and secure information technology has become an important research issue for researchers today.Digital signature takes an important part in the research of information security, which can realize the integrity of the data and the authentication and non-repudiation of the information. Aggregate signature is an essential branch of digital signature, which can compress multiple message signatures into a simple signature. It can be implemented to calculate the signature at lower expense, improving the efficiency of signature verification and reducing the capacity of data storage.Through some investigation and study of relevant literatures, a lot of researches on aggregate signatures are carried out, and some safe and effective aggregation schemes are designed in the thesis. The main results of this thesis are as follows:1. Through further analysis, the thesis points out that there is a security problem in one identity based aggregate signature scheme. By attacking the scheme, the thesis points out that this scheme cannot resist the common risks of messages, namely, any receiver of the signature can successfully forge the user’s signature of any messages. Therefore, this thesis makes corresponding improvement, and successfully proves the safety under the random oracle model.2. Through analysis, the thesis points out the potential safety hazard of an certificateless aggregate signature scheme, and accordingly gives an attack against the scheme. By attacking the scheme, we can find that this scheme cannot resist any forgeries from the malicious KGC. Then, some corresponding improvements are given to the scheme. Finally the safety of the improved scheme is proved under the random oracle model.3. This thesis constructs an online/offline certificateless aggregate signature scheme, proving that the new scheme has the impossibility of being faked under the random oracle model and adaptive choice message attacks. Through the comparison and analysis of some existing certificateless aggregate signature schemes, the thesis points out that the new scheme has the higher calculation efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:aggregate signature, identity-based public key cryptography, certificateless public key cryptography, online/offline signatures, random oracle model
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