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Research And Design On Signcryption Algorithms In Heterogeneous Cryptography System

Posted on:2019-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330545982405Subject:Computer technology
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With the development of society and the gradual progress in information technology and digital technology,the security and efficient transmission of data in the public network has become a hot topic in this times.Therefore,in order to protect network security and data security,cryptography has become a popular research topic.Encryption and signature are two kinds of cryptographic technologies that can ensure the non-repudiation,confidentiality,unforgeability and integrity of data.However,the implementation of encryption and signature separation will result in increased computation,lower communication efficiency and higher communication overhead.Therefore,signcryption technology was proposed.Signcryption combines encryption and signature technology,and satisfies the confidentiality and unforgeability of the data in a logic step.Compared with the traditional "signature-then-encryption" method,the cost of communication of signcryption is lower than traditional approach.In the future,heterogeneous network technology is crucial to the development of communications security.The security of single-password environment can't satisfy the development of heterogeneous networks,in order to solve this problem,heterogeneous signcryption scheme has become a hotspot.However,the existing heterogeneous signcryption scheme uses the same system parameters in different cryptographic systems,increasing the potential safety hazard of the system.In the meantime,in order to make the research applicable to the actual environment,the researchers combine the in-vehicle network system with the cryptographic technology,and designed for vehicle network heterogeneous signcryption algorithm.In this paper,in order to study on heterogeneous cryptographic scheme and ensure the confidentiality and the unforgeablility of the scheme,the following work has been done:(1)An efficient CLC-to-IBC heterogeneous signcryption scheme has been constructed.The proposed scheme uses a bilinear logarithm between a certificateless cryptographic system and an identity based cryptographic system.To increase the security of heterogeneous systems,both cryptosystems use different master keys.In addition,based on the deformed Diffie-Hellman problem and the discrete logarithm problem,this scheme is proved that it satisfies indivisibility and unforgeability.By reducing the use of bilinear logarithms,the communication overhead of the solution is reduced.Compared with the existing similar schemes,it is proved that the communication performance of this scheme is superior to the existing scheme.(2)An heterogeneous aggregate signcryption scheme for vehicular network was proposed.Based on the research of heterogeneous signcryption algorithms from CLC to IBC,this paper proposes a heterogeneous signcryption scheme and signcryption combined with aggregated signcryption.The scheme uses signcryption and unsigncryption method through aggregation and uses aggregation algorithm to ensure that the recipient can obtain the secure information of the sender's without the need of revealing the sender's identity information.At the same time,different cryptosystems of this scheme use different system parameters and prove that it satisfy indistinguishability and unforgeability under the random oracle model.(3)Heterogeneous signcryption instant messaging system through use of Spring mvc framework and the proposed heterogeneous signcryption algorithm has completed.The system mainly generates different private keys for users through the related cryptographic algorithms,and users can obtain the required content through the public chatting mode.The system sets strict permission control mode to ensure the security of sending and receiving information.The main functions of the system includes user management,user rights control,cryptosystems control and users chatting function.
Keywords/Search Tags:Certificateless Public Key Cryptography, Identity-based Public Key Cryptography, Heterogeneous Signcryption, Vehicular Network, Aggregate Signcrytion
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