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Two Kinds Of Proxy Signature Schemes And Application

Posted on:2017-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330509950248Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Along with the development of computer software and hardware technology, network application becomes more and more deep, all kinds of people’s activities, whether it is work or life, have become more and more inseparable from the network. Then due to the sharing of the Internet and the access of various kinds of insecure websites, resulting in unsafe information exchange, this brought an opportunity to criminals. The problem of information security has become a universal problem to be solved. Digital signature[1] is a technology of authentication, it is unforgeable, ensure the integrity of message in the process of transmition, and the digital signature is one of the most direct and efficient methods to solve information security problems. Comper with gengral digital signature, proxy signature have the function of entrust signature rights, it resolve the condition of the signer can not present in time in the real life.This paper mainly studies the proxy signature schemes. First, starting from the relevant concepts of proxy signature schemes, analyze the property of proxy signature, and combine the public key cryptography analyze the security and efficiency of proxy signature schemes. Literature [58] combine identity based cryptography with proxy signature proposed a scheme. Literature [59] propose an a proxy signature scheme based on certificateless cryptography. Security analysis shows, this two kind of proxy signature schemes have security problems. Next, Therefore, improve the defects of literature [58] and literature [59], propose two new proxy schemes based on the two public key cryptography, the new scheme make improvement for efficiency under the precondition of security, and analyze the feasibility of the scheme.Electronic commerce is a new type of business operation mode developed in recent years, along with the network technology. The emergence of electronic commerce brought unprecedented convenience to consumers and businesses, promote the development of the economy, become a new trend of modern shopping mode. Mobile agent is a new type of agency, through the network connection communication between a host and each agent realize the resource configuration. At last, according to the properties of proxy signature, studies the application of proxy signature schemes in electronic commerce and mobile agent.
Keywords/Search Tags:proxy signature, public key cryptography, certificateless cryptography, identity based cryptography, provable security, random oracle model
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