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Research On Key Agreement And Digital Signature Of Certificateless Public Key Cryptography System

Posted on:2015-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330428978368Subject:Computer application technology
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In recent years,Certificateless Public Key Cryptography System is the hotspot. In2003,Al-Riyami and Paterson introduced Certificateless Public Key Cryptography System,whichsolved the problems in Public Key Infrastructure and Identity-based Public Key CryptologySystem at the same time. In this system,the user’s public key is associated with its ownidentity information,which need not be certificated by verification. It reduced the spacerequired for the storage certificate,improved the speed of the system and avoided thecertificate management difficult problem. User private key generated not only rely on keygeneration center,also joined the users to choose their own secret value with confidentiality.So it overcame the inherent key escrow problem. The certificateless public key cryptographysystem is considered based on Public Key Infrastructure and Identity-based public keycryptology system and reserved the advantages of both,to overcome the shortcomings. So thesystem has extensive research and application prospects.Certificateless public key cryptography system has many branches,for instance,certificateless digital signature,certificateless key agreement and so on.We can solve theproblem use both bilinear pairing and discrete logarithm.This article mainly two aspects from certificateless key agreement and certificatelessdigital signature,the following work:Firstly,made a simple introduction the history of development and The research statusabout certificateless key agreement and certificate digital signature.Secondly,analyzed certificateless key agreement protocols,points out the shortage ofthem in terms of safety and efficiency,and make improvements. It was safe under the randomoracle model.Thirdly,propose certificateless signature scheme based on discrete logarithm. Comparedthe existing certificateless signature scheme with bilinear pairings.Lastly,try to prove the safety of the signature scheme under the random oracle machinemodel.
Keywords/Search Tags:Certificateless Public Key Cryptography System, Identity-based Public, Key Cryptology, Certificateless digital signature, Key agreement Bilinearpairing, Random oracle model
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