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Study On The Polarization Filter Characters Of Gold-filled Photonic Crystal Fiber

Posted on:2015-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The research of laser with metal and dielectric micro-nano-structure interaction is oneof the key scientific problems in the field of optoelectronics. Metal-filled photonic crystalfiber (MPCF) contains the advantage of surface plasmon effects and flexible structure ofphotonic crystal fiber, which provides a new carrier and breakthrough point for theresearch problem. In this paper, two coating or filler gold photonic crystal fibers that haveoptical polarization splitting characteristic are designed using the finite element method.And we discussed the use of them in the polarizing beam field. The main contents aredescribed as follows:First, we review the history of the development of photonic crystal fibers, introducethe basic properties of photonic crystal fiber, further analyze the development prospects ofthe metal-filling photonic crystal fiber based surface plasmon resonance.Secondly, waveguide theory and numerical simulation of light transmission inphotonic crystal fiber are given systematically. Then the optical transmission principle ofmetal-filled photonic crystal fiber and the generation mechanism of surface plasmonresonance are analyzed.Again, a hexagonal arrangement of air holes based silica birefringent photonic crystalfiber which is filled with liquid and coated metal is designed. The loss, polarization, modecoupling and filter characteristics of the PCF are simulated by the finite element method.By adjusting the structural parameters of the optical fiber, a MPCF with good polarizationfilter characteristic is obtained.Finally, a single silica dual-core PCF whose air holes are arranged in rectangularstructure, is designed. The gold is filled in center hole. By changing the holes spacing andwire diameter, optimum fiber structure which achieves maximum extinction ratio at thewavelength of1550nm and1300nm communication, and is suitable for light polarizedbeam were obtained, using the finite element method.Since MPCF contains the order of micro-or nano metal wire or layer distributedalong the fiber axis uniformly, an optical carrier signal can be passed to a metal which has the good conductive properties by MPCF. The special structure of MPCF made it haveexpecting to solve the optoelectronic interconnection problem of subwavelengthmagnitude. So the research of polarizing filter based MPCF can become the next hot topicin the field of specialty optical fibers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, Surface plasmon, Finite element method, Polarizingfilter, Coupling length
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