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Micro-nano Structure Devices With Photonic Crystal Fiber Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance

Posted on:2018-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the progress of science and technology,optoelectronic devices gradually become miniaturization and lightweight.In 1996,the emergence of the first photonic crystal fiber makes this trend have a qualitative leap,which provides a new opportunity for the development of micro nano optoelectronic devices.For polarization filter which we commonly used,it is only valid for a small frequency range or angle range,and it is too large to realize integration.If we use the photonic crystal fiber to make the filter,it can achieve a larger wavelength range and can be tuned,meanwhile it can be integrated more easily.So photonic crystal fibers are a good choice for making filters.Moreover,they are widely used in biochemical sensors which are applied to detect the biochemical liquid.Because the biochemical sensor based on photonic crystal fiber has a small size and anti-electromagnetic special characteristics,it has important applications in the field of real-time online detection of environmental water quality tests and medical diagnosis.The main contents of this thesis are as follows:Firstly,the background of the generation of photonic crystal fiber,its important research value in optical field and recent development are introduced systematically.The concept of surface plasmon and the theory of surface plasmon resonance effects between metal and optical fiber are introduced.The basic theory of designing micro-nano-structure devices based on photonic crystal fiber is obtained.Secondly,we design three kinds of filters based on photonic crystal fibers with gold coated air holes.Based on the surface plasmon theory,their properties are analyzed.Numerical simulation results show that a very short length of photonic crystal fiber that we design can realize filtering characteristics in the communication band.It can provide design ideas for the high integration of micro-nano-structure optical devices.Thirdly,a kind of refractive index sensor based on surface plasmon and D-shaped photonic crystal fiber is designed.The structure of the optical fiber is not only simple to coat metal but also easy to operate as a liquid refractive index detector.Numerical simulation results show that the sensitivity of the sensor can be increased to two times of the sensitivity of common sensors.Its resonant wavelength and the refractive index of the liquid has a good linearity.This D-type design makes the sensor performance has been greatly improved,which provides a new idea for the design of refractive index sensor based on optical fiber.Finally,an experimental platform of refractive index sensor based on filling type photonic crystal fiber is built.Surface plasmon polaritons are obtained by filling silver nanowires into the air holes of the photonic crystal fiber.The regularity of the output spectrum is studied with different refractive index of the measured glucose solution.Experimental results show that the refractive index sensor has a high sensitivity and linearity,and the feasibility of the filled photonic crystal fiber as a liquid refractive index sensor is also verified.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, metal coating, silver nanowire filling, surface plasmon resonance, finite element method
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