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Research On The Content Production Mode Of Network Eating Live

Posted on:2017-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S N BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2278330485966456Subject:Journalism and communication
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Eating broadcast is a new form of internet reality television,it is based on the live telecast websites as a new platform,rely on the traditional video websites,showing a part of someones real life,to have a meal,and this behavior exaggerated with a variety of forms,and this behavior get attention and welcome by many internet users who are fascinated about food and cuisine,so it start become to a new form of communication,produced a certain influence in society,provide new content and direction for supplying of the internet sub-culture.Also promote the actual economic effect,develop the online consumption behavior and online video and live broadcast industry.According to it’s content and form,eating broadcast program is one type of the media,the media have a physical form and substance carrier in strict sense,and eating broadcast is based on video to press,meanwhile these video resource impress some information,itself is carrying the function of a format.Eating broadcast based on video as the communication format,take advantage of the features of internet,in the internet sub-culture outreach,growing so fast even beyond one can image.On the one hand it can entertain,on the other hand it can reflect some contradiction among the development of our society,the anonymity and the openness of internet,has provide people a new way to vent.This paper discuss through the content production mode of eating broadcast,specific analysis its content,innate character,and the basic attribute,resolve the reason that why this program came into being and start to be popularity,based on the content produce construction,and sum up some inspiration and feasible advise for its development.This paper used content analysis,comparative analysis and sampling survey such communication studies method,pick up existing program content productive mode as the object to study,make a concrete analysis one the communicators,and study through the internet reality television and online consuming,liquidation of the business value.Hope to be able to make a little contribution to such research in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:eating broadcast, reality television, content production mode, UGC
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