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A Research And Design Of On-line Handwritten Signature Verification System Based On Optimization DTW Algorithm

Posted on:2015-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330428497028Subject:Computer application technology
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To effectively determine personal identity and ensure that information security is an important issue now solved the information age. With the development of computer technology and information processing technology, biometric authentication technology has become an important personal identity authentication technology. As a direction emerging biometric authentication technology, online handwritten signature verification can provide a more secure, reliable and convenient new way authentication, biometric person is a recognized, most likely to be accepted by the majority of an identity authentication, and, compared to other biometric authentication methods, but also has some unique advantages:does not require complex equipment, forgery difficult to imitate, easy for users to accept and easy to use, it is an ideal personal authentication methods. For the development of the computer network and information security and other fields, research online handwritten signature verification technologies will play a huge role, but also has important theoretical and practical value.As a handwritten signature verification method, Dynamic Time Warping has advantages of simple concept and robust algorithm. It combines time and distance measure to match global or local, compression or deformation patterns and finds an optimal calibration path between reference mode and test mode to solve the similarity measure and classification problems about dynamic model.The paper has a systematic research in online handwritten signature verification techniques. First, we carried out a deep research in every stage of the handwritten signature verification which are the access to the signed data, the signature data preprocessing, feature extraction signature, signature verification; then introduced the selected DTW authentication algorithm in details and noted the defects of the existing DTW algorithm, which led to the DTW algorithm optimization. Finally it was tested on Matlab simulation platform and the test results show that, the proposed algorithm is significantly more accurate and more efficient in execution to some extent.With the increasingly demanding on the current quality of people’s lives as well as the rapid development of information technology, human-computer interaction becomes easier. In this paper, we use the popular Android platform to design a more superior performance signature verification system. First, briefly introduced the system architecture of the Android platform as well as the program structure, the development environment and debugging tools including four components; then, focused on the certification system design; Finally, briefly introduced the system software and testing. According to the test results of the system software, the design can be more stable on operation,, and accurately determine whether the signature is true or not, which reaches the purpose of this design.
Keywords/Search Tags:biometrics, authentication technology, online handwritten signature, dynamic time warping, Matlab, Android
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