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Keyword [dynamic time warping]
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1. Research On The Classification Of Non Time-sequential Image And Time-sequential Speech
2. Study On Action Evaluation Based On Adaptive Joint Weighting And Interpolation Wavelet
3. The Recognition Model Research Based On Whole Acoustic Structure Features Of Speech Unit
4. Research On On-Line Hand-written Signature Verification Algorithm
5. Research On The Method Of Gait Feature Extraction And Recognition
6. On-Line Handwriting Signature Verification And Its Evolutionary Algorithm Implementation
7. Online Signature Verification Based On Multi-dimensional Force Information
8. Research On Speech Recognition
9. The Design And Realization Of Speech Recognizing Isolated Word Based On MPU.A
10. Study On The On-Line Signature Verification Technique Based On Wavelet Analysis And Dynamic Time Warping
11. Research And Implementation Of Speech Recognition System Based On Model-Matching
12. Off-line Handwritten Signature Texture Feature Extraction And Verification Based On Spectrum Analysis
13. Study Of Speaker Recognition System Based On Support Vector Machines
14. Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition Algorithm Study Based On Improved VQ
15. Research On Preprocessing And Segmentation Method Of On-line Signature
16. Research And Implementation Of Content-based Image And Video Retrieval Techniques
17. Study Of Speech Recognition System For Mandarin Digit Based On HMM
18. Research And Realization Of Speech Recognition Technology Based On DSP
19. Study On Speaker-Independent Isolated Words Speech Recognition System
20. Design & Implementation Of TV Ads Monitor System
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