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Design And Implementation Of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Based On Wireless

Posted on:2014-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422963523Subject:Computer application technology
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Diabetes mellitus is a common and frequently-occurring disease. There is no cure atpresent. The monitoring of glucose levels in the blood is an important reference for thediagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Traditional blood glucose monitoring isthrough the intermittent sampling blood way. Continuous glucose monitoring is a newglucose monitoring method. The method can continuous the glucose by implanted a sensorin the subcutaneous. It can be more accurate of monitoring the blood glucose changes. It isconducive to early detection and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Now, continuous glucosemonitoring products are mainly depends on import, causing they are expensive. It is notconducive to the make it widely used.According to the requirements of clinical application, the thesis design and develop aset of continuous glucose monitoring system based on wireless solutions. The systemconsists of data acquisition terminal and receiving terminal. The two parts communicateand transmit data by wireless. The acquisition terminal monitors the weak signal changesin the subcutaneous through the implanted sensor, amplification the signal, convert thesignal to digital and sent it to the receiver. The receiver converts the received signal intoblood glucose value, and displays it graphically. The system has the blood glucosedisplay function, blood glucose abnormalities warning function, abnormalities warningequipment function etc. The system can also upload the history blood glucose data storedin the receiver to the computer through the USB interface. A blood glucose analysissoftware is provided for the management of history blood glucose data. The solution caneffectively reduce the hardware cost, and has the characteristics of simple, convenientwearing, real-time monitoring, safe and reliable.Through the comparison with the similar imported products of glucose experimentand clinical experiment, the system meets the design requirements and the criteria forclinical application. Now it is applying for the production licenses, expected to replace theimport products in hospitals and medical application.
Keywords/Search Tags:Continuous glucose monitoring, Embedded system design, Wirelesscommunication, Driver development, ucGUI
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