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Design Of The Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System And Algorithm Study

Posted on:2018-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330533461535Subject:Biomedical engineering
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With the development of society and economy,the changes of lifestyle and the acceleration of population aging process in our country,the prevalence and mortality of diabetes and its complications increased year by year.In recent years,continuous glucose monitoring technology,with the advantage of larger and more full-scale data,the ability of reflecting the characteristics of blood glucose fluctuations and so on,is more effective in controlling and alleviating diabetes compared with the traditional SMBG measurement method.At present,the domestic research aiming at continuous glucose monitoring is increasing.However,most of them are focus on the fields of sensors,microdialysis technology and noninvasive monitoring,less study on subcutaneous implantable continuous glucose monitoring system(CGMS)which is more practical,resulting in that most of products rely on imports,with low precision,and the lack of intelligent statistical analysis functions,which is not conductive to the promotion of CGMS in the diabetes populations in our country.Therefore,this paper studied and designed a real-time continuous glucose monitoring system,aiming at improving the accuracy of the overall system through the real-time self-adjusting calibration algorithm combined with moving-window double-layer filtering algorithm.Meanwhile,the statistics analysis function of indicators was increased to guide patients to control blood glucose better using the continuous glucose monitoring data.The main research work includes: First of all,the overall monitoring system was designed based on the principle of glucose sensor,consists of sensor,monitoring instrument and intelligent terminal.Secondly,the design and fabrication of monitoring instrument was completed,realizing the acquisition,storage and wirless transmitting of micro-current signal from glucose sensor with bluetooth.The results of glucose experiment in vitro showed that the stability and consistency of current detection were good.Thirdly,a real-time self-adjusting calibration algorithm based on the one-point calibration technique was proposed to solve the problem of signal drift and sensitivity decay of the sensor in the practical application.The results of 3 days' experiment in vivo showed that the real-time self-adjusting calibration algorithm can improve the calibration precision effectively.Then,continuous glucose monitoring application software was designed with the data visualization platform of android smart phone,which can converse the current signal received from monitoring instrument to the blood glucose values by calibration algorithm and display them in graph,so that the monitoring system designed has functions of real-time continuous glucose monitoring,data statistical analysis,graph interpretation guidance and so on.Finally,the whole system was tested and analyzed from three aspects: system operation function,system accuracy and software compatibility.Test results showed that: the operation functions can be achieved correctly,and the blood glucose indicators through statistical analysis can help users understand the situation of self glycemic more easily.The system accuracy can reach the requirements of practical application,and the proof test results for volunteers indicated that the accuracy is closer to the new and similar products in the market.The software designed and developed based on android can be compatible with most models.The practicality of the system is helpful to the use and popularization of continuous glucose monitoring technology in diabetes population in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:glucose sensor, calibration algorithm, the android software, continuous glucose monitoring
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