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Research And Implementation Of Service Management In CloudDB

Posted on:2014-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S P ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422963444Subject:Computer software and theory
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Cloud database is the product of cloud computing with new requirements to thedatabase technology, it has many characteristics that traditional database does nothave, such as, high concurrency, high availability, cheap sex, high scalability. Clouddatabase follow the calculation model of cloud computing that everything is aservice, therefore, the service is one of the key concepts in cloud database. Becauseof the simplicity of the database service package, it is easy to expand for the clouddatabase. Cloud database provide database service for tenants through the leasedelivery mode, user simply can be connect to the cloud database through theconnection string, and it is easy to use obviously. How to effectively managedatabase service and how to guarantee the high availability, high scalabilitycharacteristics under the premise of providing services, is an important issue forcloud database to have a research.Refer to traditional service packing method, we divide service type, describedatabase services and basic services. From two perspective of data management anddata storage of multi-tenant mechanism in cloud database, realize data managementwith the foundation of the management of contract, management of user andmanagement of service quality, based on the delivery method for needs; We analysisthe realization of the SOA, and build a management center of service lifecycle in thecloud database; We have a research on the service scheduling algorithm and resourcescheduling algorithm for user, design and implement a services scheduling strategyin the cloud database with the open source service bus.Through a research on resource management and service management of the clouddatabase, we puts forward a service management strategy of cloud database in amode with rent, implements a service management system of cloud database basedon the service bus.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud Database, Database as a Service, multi-tenant, service schedulingstrategy
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