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Design And Implementation Of Cloud Classroom Teaching Backend Service

Posted on:2021-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of technology,the level of educational informatization in China is gradually improved,which provides a solid foundation for online education and resource sharing.But the current situation,there are still some problems in the field of education informatization exists in our country,there are the information island,informationization level is not high,small training institutions online slow,education informatization development imbalances and difficulty of education resource sharing problems,these problems are seriously restricts the improvement of education informatization.As the product of the Internet age,the emergence of cloud computingtechnology,makes the education informatization leapfrog development,and through the use of virtualization technology,to all levels of education related organizations and institutions to provide quality education services,fully solve the education resource sharing problems and education informatization development imbalances.Although the use of cloud computing in the field of education increasingly mature,many colleges and universities have deployed their own education cloud platform,but different from colleges and universities with adequate funding,education training institutions of various small,organization alone cannot afford the cost of building a platform for education cloud,it still has the online service of personalized customization requirements,for this small education training institutions to provide low-cost,high efficiency,easy to access to the cloud education service is necessary.The main goal of this thesis is to design an education service system based on the cloud platform,so that the system can make full use of the underlying resource service capabilities of the cloud platform,and provide different education-related organizations with the ability to flexibly scale,load balance,and flexibly customize the education backend service capabilities.In this thesis,the main work is as follows: first,this thesis first analyzes the traditional service architecture in a cloud environment possible problems,and design a cloud platform service gateway,external requests unified access and provide load balancing ability,when the service of the caller needs to access the corresponding education back-end service ability,only need to access the cloud platform service gateway,to ensure the safety of the system;Second,the characteristics of educational services are analyzed.In order to solve the problem that the page views of course services and homework services will increase dramatically,redundant resources must be provided to cope with the peak,resulting in low utilization rate of resources.In this thesis,the idea of micro-service is used to split the education business,and the back-end server is divided into the cluster of course service and homework service,so that the education business can be expanded rapidly.Thirdly,in order to make the system run reasonably and stably,an education service management platform based on the service gateway is designed to manage the back-end service nodes and education service APIs.At the same time,the current service instance is monitored to realize the elasticity of the service and improve the use efficiency of system resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud service, load balancing, multi tenant, elastic capacity expansion
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