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Research On The Authenticity Of Internet Journalism In The Range Of The Marxist View Of Journalism

Posted on:2014-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2298330431488741Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Authenticity is life of news, as one of the basic viewpoints of Marxist view of jdournalism, adhering to the principles of news authenticity is the fundamental attribute of journalism, yet plays a role in the basic premise of the mouthpiece. News authenticity is the basic problem of theory and practice, but also an unsolved problem. In the1990s, with the rapid development of communication technology and the popularity of the Internet, netnews gradually rises up and the boundaries between subject and audience of news media begins to blur, in addition to news published by professional website, more and more audience participate in production and release of news through the Internet and mobile communication tools, and gives rise to strong reactions in society. Thus, it leds to widespread academic concern about netnews.Recently netnews breaks out a huge influence and plays a good supervisory role, but we must also address the issue of authenticity. Inaccuracy, forgery, exaggeration and bias of netnews can be solved by strengthening the management of rules and regulations and enhancing the professional ethics cultivation under the guidance of Marxist view of jdournalism.The first chapter is an introduction, The second chapter describes the emergence and development of netnews, so that readers have an overall awareness. The third chapter is an overview of Marxist view of jdournalism and its guiding significance for netnews authenticity, aims to find theoretical basis for news authenticity. This chapter seeks the methodology mainly from five views including the Marxist-oriented, social responsibility theory, people-oriented, mass line and seeking truth from facts. The forth chapter explains the authenticity of netnews, making people to understand the influencing factors of netnews authenticity, the relationship between netnews and news authenticity, and performance of inaccurate netnews. The fifth chapter is about the ways and measures to ensure the authenticity of nenews under the guidance of Marxist view of jdournalism, mainly explains them on five aspects including protecting the rights of public opinion, managing netnews according to laws, improving media literacy of users,strengthening interaction with mainstream medias, and promoting social harmony.I believe that the news and information on Internet is complex and the issue of authenticity can not be ignored.If enough attention is taken by govement and society, the authenticity of netnews can be maintained well with efforts on every side and finally providing protection for the healthy development of netnews.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet journalism, Marx authenticity, Internte journalists
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