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Filled With Liquid Crystal Photonic Crystal Fiber Temperature Sensor Research

Posted on:2013-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Photonic crystal fiber in recent years is a new type of fiber. Thisfiber is formed usually by a single medium.The micro-structuredcladding closely arranged in a two-dimensional direction in the axialstructure of the same wavelength of the order of air holes. With theemergence of photonic crystal fiber sensor the people again transferredtheir study to the photonic crystal fiber, after years of research, there hasbeen a variety of novel photonic crystal fiber sensor.The total internalreflection photonic crystal fiber temperature sensor, which is filled theliquid crystal photonic crystal fiber temperature sensor, is studied in thispaper and fiber-based membrane properties with temperature change:(1) The significance of the photonic crystal fiber sensor and thefiller material photonic crystal fiber is researched.(2) Introducing the physical properties of liquid crystal, the use ofmathematical principles analyzes the optical properties of the liquidcrystal to provide a theoretical basis for the rest of the fiber numericalsimulation.(3) Describing the Comsol software simulation, finite elementmethod includes the discrete field, selecting the interpolation functions,the establishment of the unit characteristics, the establishment of thefinite element side to solve the finite side, the additional calculation ofderived results.(4) The E7liquid crystal photonic crystal fiber is by numericalsimulation, with the change in temperature, the liquid crystal refractiveindex changes. The two groups were compared: a group analysis ofdifferent pore radius, other things being equal, the mode fieldcharacteristics of the photonic crystal fiber changes with temperature.Another group, analysis of the different hole shape, other things beingequal, photonic crystal fiber mode field characteristics changes withtemperature.
Keywords/Search Tags:liquid crystal, fiber sensors, photonic crystal fiber, Finite element method, Numerical aperture
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